About Me



Hi there and welcome to my website! It is indeed a pleasure to have you here visiting the webpage. Here is just a snipet of information that will help you get to know me a little bit better. ​The overall vision and mission for this ministry is to maximize YOUR vision, value & voice for a much greater kingdom IMPACT globally.  For 16+ years now I have very passionately infused hope, change and a positive personal growth & development within myself and for others by enhancing my skills, gifts and areas of influence & expertise that God has placed within me to help others. I have humbly been partnering, mentoring, providing leadership training & teaching in various capacities which includes professional music & worship platforms, corporate entities, large panel discussions, coaching and mentoring that has reached as far as Porta Prince, Haiti, Bermuda, Tokyo Japan & London. Currently through our awesome radio broadcast “Take it To the Maxx” which airs every Sunday at 5pm on "The Truth Syndicated Radio Network 960AM &105.7FM".

What I do is truly an honor. I have been blessed to be among many trailblazers and share the lineup on Truth with the likes of Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, David Jerimiah and the incomparable Tony Evans. In addition to this, I now am the CEO, founder, and Executive Producer of my own global radio network "The Take it To the Maxx Global Radio"  which airs seven days a week and features a multitude of shows along with now "THE MAXX FM" 24HOUR STATION that airs right here on our The Maxx Global page. Be sure tolisten and enjoy!